Tanning Secrets 101 for Taxidermists & Sportsmen

Have you ever considered tanning a beautiful deer hide you have just harvested or a fur you may have taken while hunting or trapping?

I bet you have, but like most, you didn’t know exactly where to start. So you turn to the web for direction on what to do only to find confusing instructions and poor quality videos.
Those days are over thanks to this online video series that includes in depth, step by step easy to follow direction using the highest quality tanning chemicals. These videos are filmed in high definition in a controlled studio to capture the clearest audio possible.
D. Price shares his tanning experience he has honed over the decades in the taxidermy industry including 18 years of working in and operating one of the nation’s largest hair on tanneries. This is a great opportunity to learn a new hobby or to improve your skills of “Do it Yourself” tanning that you have learned on past projects.

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  • Proper Salting Techniques
  • Fleshing and Washing of the Skin
  • Mixing and Discussion on Pickling
  • Mixing and Discussion of Tanning
  • Neutralizing the Skin
  • Oiling the Skin
  • Breaking of the Skin


  • Plus Many More Tidbits of Information From 18 Years of Commercial Tanning!

For a “ONE-TIME” fee you get “UNLIMITED” access to this one of a kind video series “PLUS” complete online support whether it be from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This is not a DVD.

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