Outback Taxidermy (“Outback Taxidermy,” ”Fleshingmachines.com” “we” or “us”) has built its reputation and brands on a foundation of trust. This privacy policy (“Policy”) describes how Outback Taxidermy collects, uses, discloses and stores information, including Personal Information. This policy applies to the user’s use of the website www.fleshingmachine.com (an Outback Taxidermy company) and its related services (collectively the “Services”). When the user creates their own unique login credentials (“Register”) for accessing their account with Outback Taxidermy or uses the Services, the user is agreeing to any and all of this Policy. If the user does not agree with any and all this Policy, do not use our websites and Services and do not submit any Personal Information to Outback Taxidermy. See our “Terms of Use” page.


Outback Taxidermy requires that all fees be paid by credit card or debit card; however we do not store our user’s card information. We use a third party to process all credit card payments.

The following is a list of types of information Outback Taxidermy collects from our users

Personal Information

“Personal Information” is any piece of information that reasonably relates to a living, identifiable human being, and may include such things as names, addresses, zip code, contact details, telephone numbers and email addresses. Non-identifying information that Outback Taxidermy may collect about our users (such as age, gender, race, etc.) will be treated as Personal Information if it is linked to the user. We collect Personal Information when the user does Register and when they provide it to us through their use of our Services. By way of example, we may obtain Personal Information consisting of their email address and user created password from them when they Register for an account or email Outback Taxidermy.

Analytics Data

“Analytics Data” is information that Outback Taxidermy collects about how our users use and interact with the Services and the patterns in such information. Analytics Data may be collected through their use of the Services. Analytics Data may include details about their use of the Services, the features and functions that they access, date and time stamps, internet protocol (IP) addresses, website links, activity logs and error logs, and information about their use of the Services. We may also create additional Analytics Data from the analysis of collected Personal Information and Analytics Data. If any Analytics Data contains the user’s Personal Information, the combined information will be treated as Personal Information.

What Outback taxidermy does with information Collected

Outback Taxidermy collects and uses Personal Information Data and Analytics Data to evaluate, the use of the Services. We use Analytics Data to improve the Services (such as adding new features and functionality) and may also use it to create additional software and services. These uses include providing the Services to our users; processing and collecting payments; providing users with customer service; improving the user interface and experience of the Services; providing technical support; and performing research and analysis to develop and improve products, services and technologies. By using the Services, the user acknowledges and consents to Outback Taxidermy sending certain communications to them such as welcome letters, alerts, information on technical service issues, and security announcements by e-mail, text message and through the Services. These types of communications are necessary for us to perform services related to the Services and accordingly the user may not opt out of receiving these communications. Unless the user opts-out, we may also provide you with information on our news and current developments, announcements, new products and services, changes to our products and services. These communications may be sent by e-mail, text message, or within the Services.

We may also use the users Personal Information in connection with Analytics Data to conduct research, analysis or studies for our own purposes. By way of example, when Outback Taxidermy collects information about our user’s use of the Services, it may initially contain your Personal Information and we may redact such Personal Information from the Analytics Data and then aggregate it with the non-personal data from other users and use combined results, analysis and analytics for future analysis across our products and services. We may also license, sell or publish compiled Analytics Data that has been incorporated into our products and services, provided that all of your Personal Information has been removed from such Analytics Data. We may also use our user’s information for other purposes with their consent or as permitted or required by law.

Protecting the collected information

Outback Taxidermy employs commercially reasonable security measures, technologies and procedures to protect all information stored within our Services from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, which may include 128 bit encryption to protect passwords, as well as hardware based security. However, despite these efforts, we cannot guaranty the security of stored information. Accordingly, we hereby disclaim all liability for any disclosure of data due to errors in transmission, unauthorized third party access or other acts of third parties, or acts or omissions beyond our control.

Outback Taxidermy may share Personal Information and/or Analytical Data with Third Parties

Providing the Services

Outback Taxidermy may share our user’s Personal Information and Analytics Data as they may authorize within the Services or as required for us to perform services related to the Services. . We may also share user’s Personal Information with their prior consent.

As required by Law

Outback Taxidermy may disclose specific Personal Information: (1) following a lawful request, in response to a legal process and when we are legally required to do so; (2) to enforce our rights in connection with the Services that we provide;

Mergers and acquisitions

If Outback Taxidermy is involved in a merger, acquisition, refinancing transaction or sale of assets or any other situation involving the transfer of some or all of Outback Taxidermy’s business assets, we may disclose our user’s Personal Information to those involved in the negotiation or transfer.

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Last Revised; 02/17/2016