Mastering the Fleshing Machine A-Z Plus


“Mastering the fleshing Machine A-Z Plus” is an in-depth instructional course designed to help the hobbyist taxidermist right on up to the tannery professionals to hone their skills on the fleshing machine.

This information packed learning tool was developed to use in the comfort of your home, shop or even on the go! With the online streaming format you can access it from you PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, and yes even your television. It contains over 3 hours of tips and techniques never before available in recorded form, as well as other information that will give you the advantage you need to produce a high quality fleshed and shaved skin, “PLUS” additional footage that is sure to give you the upper hand over your competitors.


If the buyer is in North Carolina 7.25% sales tax will be added automatically.